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Build weaponsed skyscrapers on wheels and take on other players in a multiplayer online deathmatch!

In the far future, corporations have taken to the stars mining planets for every consumable resource. To get to the resources faster, mobile bases have been developed. Wheeled monstrosities powered by diesel engines, these skyscrapers scour the planets locating rich areas to exploit. However. Many corporations vie for control over these resource rich planets, and without law enforcement or a unified military to stop them, they fight amongst themselves, arming their mobile towers and entering into fatal battles to be the last to control the remaining resources. You must build your own weaponized mobile tower and go wheel to wheel with other players in a battle to the death. Who will survive to take what's left of a dying world?

This is currently a free prototype/alpha build which will change on a daily basis.

If you want to take part, download the alpha and offer feedback! You can join our community on the official discord server.


wheelbase-windows-alpha.zip 545 MB
Version 17 Mar 10, 2020

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run TowerBattle.exe to drive around the map single-player.

If you want to join in on multiplayer, you should instead run multiplayer.bat. You can find details of this on our official discord server.


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